Choice stress will cost you customers. Help them choose with guided selling.

Turn hesitant visitors into satisfied customers. Create your own selling guide with Qonfi and automatically give visitors customized product advice. Increase your conversion rate by an average of +255%. Start creating your own selling guide right away.

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Who is Qonfi for?

Qonfi is suitable for you when...

Provide automated product advice

Help customers like in the store

Engage with your customers, discover their wants and needs, and reduce choice stress. Help your customers find the products they want to buy. This leads to a better customer experience and higher customer loyalty.

More online growth

With a selling guide, your customer will instantly find the product they are looking for without much effort. This leads to a higher conversion rate, happier customers and more sales and profits.

Conversion rate
Average order value

Happy customers

What do our users say?

Optimize your assortment

Discover what your customers are really looking for

When your website visitors use Qonfi, they will exactly tell you what they are looking for. We automatically collect these insights. Discover which answers are preferred the most and which are not. You can use these insights for optimizations, purchasing purposes, marketing deployment and to optimize your assortment.

Collect zero-party data and enrich your customer profiles

Easily connect Qonfi to your CRM, data warehouse, CDP or App. Use the enriched data generated by your selling guide to optimize your marketing efforts and improve customer satisfaction.



Fewer product returns

The #1 reason for product returns is that people ordered the wrong product. With guided selling, customers instantly find and order the right product that suits their usage situation. This makes for happier customers and fewer product returns.

Save time & resources

Less customer contact

Most customers call and email because they want confirmation whether they are making the right product choice. A decision aid shows your customers exactly which products fit their use case. This automatically provides confirmation that they are buying the right product.

How it works

A Qonfi selling guide on your website in 4 easy steps

Why Qonfi

Why do customers choose Qonfi?

No limitations in styling and design.

What makes Qonfi unique is that you can customize the entire styling of your selling guide to your own needs and brand design. You are not stuck to a template and you even have the ability to separately style your selling guide per device. This allows you to have full control over your styling.

No negative effect on your pagespeed.

We do not use dated iFrames and do not load unnecessary code that negatively affects pagespeed. The Qonfi script is only ~40kb in size.

Monthly cancellation.

When something works and consistently adds value, you keep using it. Right? Exactly! So why sign a long-term contract?

Just start right away for free.

Nice and low-key. That's what we like. No compulsory demo beforehand. Create your own account and just start today with no obligation.

Simple and transparent pricing

Anyone can easily create their own guided selling with Qonfi. We work with simple transparent pricing plans. Every plan comes with a free 30 day trial that starts once you've published your first selling guide on your website. This way, you can test your selling guide's performance 30 days for free, before deciding if you want to continue using Qonfi.

What's included

  • Create your own selling guide

  • Analyze every interaction

  • Easy integration on your own website

  • Customer support

  • And much more...

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Choice stress will cost you customers.

Help them choose with guided selling.

Start for free. No credit card required.